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About Us

2020 has been hard on everyone and we wanted to find a way to bring smiles and fun back to our community. We became best friends through student government and planning events for our high school, Mt. Carmel (Go Sundevils!). Quickly, people started calling us the “Balloon Girls” and we never looked back. Since then, we’ve used our skills to celebrate our friends & families and now, we can’t wait to share it with you!

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Meet Chloe

Hi, I'm Chloe! I was first introduced to the world of balloons at a leadership workshop in middle school. From that short 30 minute session, I knew that balloons were the way to transform events and build lasting memories! Through my dedication for creating remarkable experiences, I later became student body president at Mt. Carmel and spearheaded balloons for every dance, pep rally, football game, and more. I am now pursuing a PhD in Bioengineering at UC San Diego and am excited to continue fostering my passion for balloons and my friendship with Jana as co-founders of Balloon Besties!

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Meet Jana

Hi, I'm Jana! As a kid, I always loved to find new ways to express my creativity. After a few eccentric hobbies, I found balloon art and face painting. I wanted to use this new artistic talent to bring smiles to those around me. I got my start volunteering for church events and at family parties. When I joined ASB in high school, it all clicked. I met Chloe and not only did we become best friends, we also got to plan events and balloon for our entire campus. Now, I am in med school at Loma Linda and can’t wait to make the most of this crazy year with you all!

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